About the Author


My apologies ahead of time that this is one of those author posts and shameless promotional propaganda, but it cannot be helped. First, a huge shout out to everyone who has become a follower on my cite; we are up to eighteen. Your support means a lot and gives me the confidence to dig my heels in the dirt and go for it. Also, I want to thank anyone who has liked any of my posts thus far. Glimmers of hope that fuel the light of a new day.

Now, to help further the development of a supporters, I encourage you to share my post with your friends and people who you think might be interested in this tale. If you have liked several of my posts and have yet to look at the one labeled, Scars and Scales (which can be found under the sample menu), I encourage you to read it. This is the first three chapters of my unpublished book that will further help you delve into the lands in Magitotum. Again, I want to stress how much you all have done for me already, and I hope that you help continue to support me.

Was that it? Is the shameless promotion over? Yes, indeed it is. So the last thing I wanted to cover is a little news of how I am still sticking through til the end for this dream. The last couple of days I had started to feel my self drift into the void of doubt and misery; the constantly tossing and turning of this will never happen and maybe I should try something else. One night of loss sleep later and I still cannot think of anything else I want to do with my life. It brings me joy to write about even the most simple of stories, a sense of finding who I am supposed to be. My trip across the valley of woe has made me realize that even if I get rejections over and over again, all it will do is make my stance even stronger. Make me fight for it so that in the end, it feels all the sweeter that my hard work is paid off. Let this be a lesson for you also. If someone says that you can’t do something, look them in the eye and tell them, “Watch me”. The only limits to one’s abilities are the ones you put on yourself.

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