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Coming Soon

Exciting news everyone! My book is finally up for preorder, both in digital and print versions. However, I’d wait on the latter one since I haven’t gotten my copy yet. You know just to make sure it looks correct and all. But yeah, going to put the link at the end of this post for it. It is on sale at Barnes and Nobles: Digital Version/Nook: $1 US Dollars
Print Version: $25 US Dollars

I thank you for supporting me all this time and hope you continue to by purchasing a copy of my book.

Digital Version: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/scars-and-scales-phil-athans/1142242318;jsessionid=E975F1F165FFAC6266B1205873D9078C.prodny_store01-atgap14?ean=2940185855096

Print Version: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/scars-and-scales-kc-j-hutchins/1142242361?ean=9798218039929

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Laser Focus

Have you ever really focused on something? Giving every fiber of your being for a singular purpose? It’s exhilarating right? Your whole body is working together towards the goal. Eyes look down a tunnel to show you the length left to go. Darkening the bright faces of those around you and missing the simple wonders of life. Ears drown out everything, from the buzzing of a fly to your partner trying to tell you about their day. The need for food and drink becomes unnecessary until you feel your body fight back once you’ve taken a break. Even worse are the disappointed eyes of those who expected you to make food for the family. One’s mind is consumed by the singular thought where you’ll forget people’s birthdays… or you have a blog… So, I encourage you to chase after your aspirations, but remember to stay connected to those around you.

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The difference between arguments, debates, and discussions

Some might find these words the same; all described as talking to another about an important topic. However, this train of though would be incorrect. Let’s begin with argument. In this analogy, I want you to think of a game of chicken between two cars. Neither decides to turn away and a huge crash occurs. Most of the time one cursing the other and some sort of injury is occurred to one or both parties. Both sides are so passionate about their point of view they cannot hear what the other has to say. The other result is the two cars come screaming towards each other and it seems they are hopeless to collide; one veers away at the last second. Some injury may occur to the other but most of the time it will result in subsequent rematches where it will end in ruins. This could be interpreted as a debate. Both sides are passionate about their subject, but decide there had to be a winner in the end. So one either caves to the other’s belief (sometimes forced or reasoned into it) or lets them have this victory to debate with increased vigor and, sometimes, hate. Then there is the final example. Each gets into their car, slowly parks next to each other, rolls down their windows, and talks to one another. This is a discussion. Both parties realize realize that they don’t need to get so heated in order to discuss something… that maybe each side has an idea that would improve what ever the problem is. In these situations we find true solutions and great feats to be accomplished. However, this last form is rarely seen. For it is seen in media and most leaders who believe they must fight like mad dogs to have their own way. This is folly. No one point of view can be perfect for there are many variables to one problem. This can be thought of it when giving a variety of chefs an egg. A saucier will make Hollandaise sauce, a poissonier a white fish omelet, rotiseur saucy beef with baked eggs, just to name a few. And that was just for food. Imagine when it comes to those more diverse topics we don’t like to talk about. For in our minds we think it will only end in an argument. Yet if we took the time to discuss such matters maybe a true solution would present itself… or on a more personal note, you understand the people around you. Communication is one of the most important acts we take for granted. But with a few words we let those around us know we love them. So I encourage you, have many discussions while avoiding the temptations of arguments and debates.

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Insanity or Common Sense

Oh to be still in this conundrum. Yours truly still hasn’t gotten an agent… so it made me think… Is it worth the trouble of getting one? See, a lot of them seem to ask us to already have a sizeable gathering of people before querying. Which I can see why they would want that… Then again isn’t it their job to be the great networkers and promoters? Isn’t that why we end up giving them a cut of our profits to do this task which we are untrained to do? Makes one wonder. Heck if I am already doing part of the work, why not do the rest of it? So, I’ve decided to query the last of the agents on my list. If I receive the same passing responses (or lack of), I’ll be self publishing. Seems to be the way I’ve lived my life; carving my own path to reach my destination. Sure there’s going to be some pit falls and uneven terrain. There will be many signs trying to point me down the wrong path. But I’ll trudge forward… ignoring the downers trying to nip at my ankles or the doubt that patiently stalks me along the way; ready to pounce if I should falter. It shall never get the chance. One way or another, I will become an author.

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An Irish Lament

It’s been a couple months since it happened so it’s time. My Pepere has passed away. The stubborn man fought death for many years as he defied the odds. He proved a strong will and love can keep a heart beating. For as long as I knew him he was a kind and jolly man… though you didn’t want to make him mad. Then he’d turn into Donald Duck for a small period of time. However, he always forgave those he loved. He didn’t say that phrase all to often, but you felt it through the warmth he emanated. Whether it was playing cards, singing along to Irish songs, listening to his stories, watching a movie together, going out to eat, or simply talking about nothing; one would feel a smile spread across their face. Heck if he had a beard I’m sure he could have convinced everyone he was Santa Claus. After all he did have a habit of grabbing random presents for people around him. I’ll miss having these moments with him, but I can always treasure the times I had with him. He was there for my wedding, my graduation, my first house, most of my performances, holidays, and many more events. Supporting me in every interest I had by asking about it and being there when he could physically manage it. And even though I’m sad to say goodbye, I know he’s no longer in pain. See you later Pep, and though you don’t like to say it back all the time… I love you.