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Reading Literary Titan Book Review

Hey everyone! Added another video to my Youtube channel as I read my review from Literary Titan. Those who already read it, thank you so much! Those who didn’t want to and would rather listen, feel free to check out the video, or if you want to see my goofiness again, I’m all for it.

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Back to Querying

First, I want to assure people my book will still be up for sale. This will not be changing as I attempt to get an agent again. The reality is my funds are low and I can’t invest my money wisely enough to launch a successful marketing campaign. So, for the second edition of my book, I’m going to ask an agency to do it. I know my story is fantastic and it can stand on its own… I just don’t possess the connections necessary to make it to the level of exposure I envision. Thank you for everyone whose shown me support so far and hoping it will grow in the coming years.

At the same time, I’m aiming to be more active throughout my multiple social media accounts. Hopefully, you’ll see more of the creative side of me instead of the author journey side. Though I do suggest if you want to see it more often to check out my Reddit comments. (https://www.reddit.com/user/KCJHutchins) On the note of other sites, I’ve decided to start streaming. I’m a casual video game player on the side so I’d thought I’d give it a try. Talk to you all soon!

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Patience… Just Patience

Oh, I ‘m low on this, but I know it’s a life lesson. There’ll be a light at the end of the tunnel, but I probably should explain right? For the past couple months, I’ve been unable to work. That’s because doctors are taking their time trying to figure out what is wrong with me physically. I’ll only say the pain is bad enough where I cannot work the physically demanding jobs I used to perform. After four months of searching, they finally possess a lead. Funny, considering they almost gave up on me, but I needed to push… It’s the only way I seem to get treatment now-a-days. The problem is my money flow became nonexistent, and I’m not getting hired at the sit down/remote jobs I tried to apply for. Not really anyone to blame there. My resume is filled with active jobs and a dream to become a full-time writer. I’d hire the more qualified individuals myself. But I still possess some hope. I know deep down everything will turn out alright; even when fighting my own inner demons on the subject. My dream will come true, I’ll get better, a job will come, and money won’t be an issue. I need to believe it for I don’t want to lose myself, the ones I love, or the life I’ve built with my wife.

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New Video for Youtube

Yes, you read it right. I’ve decided to finally try out Youtube XD Please be patient with me as I make them, cause tech be hard. Hopefully, I can figure out how to do visuals and effects at some point when the time comes. But for now, this video is just a sellout one about where to buy my book and such… and you may or may not see how weird I am in it.

Scales Series

BookTrib Book Review: Scars and Scales

Another review has come in for my first book. This time it’s from BookTrib. My favorite quote from it is actually the first line. “A sprawling epic of a battle for world power, Scars and Scales by KC J. Hutchins delivers enough strange creatures to fill a hundred fantasy novels.” Check out the whole review below if you’re interested, and thanks to BookTrib for reviewing my book.