Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Gargoyles

A relative of the goblin, they have fish-like scales to help them improve their water based powers. These scales make for better movement and allow for water to move along their skin fluidly. Most have a human like face with bat-like features while some have beaks. Horns are found in a variety of ways on their head. Sprouting from their backs are wings that they use to patrol the city of Suregarde in the land of Conflictus. Found in the city are multiple stations where water flows from top to the bottom. Perched on these are gargoyles who keep an eye on their city. It is common to find these guardians encased in stone. The is because while they are asleep they turn into the hard substance. A simple wack to their reptilian tail, claws , or head will usually wake them up. If not, the feathers from the pigeons that perch upon them will do the trick.

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