Item Inquiry

Item Inquiry: Silbermond

A silvery potion used by the Moon Claw tribe, this amazing medicine can heal almost any wound. The catch being that it has to be exposed to moonlight. Only then can it be used as it shines and seals the injury. Any blood loss will return to the patient in an instant. This powerful medicine has yet another catch, the ingredients are hard to come by. The additives are as follows; ground moonstone found in the underground kingdom of Skapejuvel, the pollen from tropical white morning-glory found in various lands in the region of Floresta, a needle from a cactus with the flower of a night-blooming cereus found in the land of Spicis, seeds from the Datura flower found in the land of Venenumia, and leaves from theĀ Mentzelia Pumila flower found in the land of Kasi. To smooth out the mixture, one boils the ground materials together until it reaches that silvery color that is so familiar. Though it is not complete without a blast of lunar energy from the brewer. All of these span the world of Magitotum and takes at least a few months of travel to obtain them. A feat not easily done by any creature without finding danger.

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