About the Author

About the Author: Avoiding Spoilers

I know I know another About the Author post so soon but I had to put this up to explain myself. You might be asking yourself why I am avoiding telling you about other creatures and places I have mentioned such as the Jiqeeran. There is a simple reason for this; that being I wish not to spoil future books. As of now, all my posts retain to information found in the first book of my Scales series, Scars and Scales, while avoiding spoiling any plot lines. If I start talking about species and places we dive into in the other books; there is a distinct possibility of spoiling some surprises. I want to see/hear you enjoy the books that will be in your hands some day. So please be patient as I add some new content by adding a new category known as Item Inquiry. In this new division, we will be taking a look at specific tools that Xerxes and his company find/use on their journey.

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