Item Inquiry

Item Inquiry: Beleibrer

The great hammer owned by the smith Skapesmi goes by another name, known as the siege breaker. With a single swing from this weapon, fortress walls would crumble at its might. Skapesmi was the only one able to mold the unbreakable metal known as Uknustal, the sole material that his weapon was made of. Swing after swing the dwarf would charge into battle, making way for his allies to pour into the best fortified cities and defenses during the Conflict of Elemental and Metaphysical Disorder. The only description for this weapon was it looked like that of a hammer and scythe. For years only the great smith wielded this weapon and after his death that was the only record of its use. After the unfortunate passing of this great smith of which the kingdom was then named, the weapon was lost to the world of Magitotum. Not even the dwarfs knew where this weapon had gone. Perhaps it lies buried, waiting for the right creature to stumble upon it.

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