Confusing Concepts

Confusing Concepts: Sorcerer Classes

There are many different types of sorcerers found within the world of Magitotum; each with astounding and diverse abilities. However, one does not discover their particular class until they turn eighteen. Until then from the young age of six; they practice basic household spells, magical formulas used to make enchanted objects, elements of potion making, language, the history of Mendaxum, and common skills such as cooking. When they do come of age, they are stood before the council and given a Rock of Affiprob to perform the ritual known as the Habepert. The newly turned eighteen year old then holds the stone in their hands as it reacts to their magical network.

If they are a Shaman, the center stone glows green as Peace Lilies sprout from the cracks. Adversely, a Necromancer will find a pitch black gem as rest of the stone turns to dust. A sweet smell will arise from the item if a Pellax while it glows a dark pink. Fire will burn the exterior of the red gem if a Pyromancer holds it. This being a rare event for this kind of sorcerer is found few in number. Unlike them, the most common of sorcerers is the Magician, masters of misdirection and magical hand to hand combat. If one of them holds the rock, a set of cards dances out from within the center of the yellow glowing stone. A barrage of colorful notes accompanied by the sound of trumpets will erupt from the middle stone if a Tecuprin is touching the object. More calm and soothing than the last, a Mage obtaining the Rock of Affiprob will find the surface smooth out and be covered in a shield of blue energy emitting from the center. Summoners have the wackiest of reactions to the item. From within the orange gem, a barrage of objects will emerge from the wielders room; to the dismay of the poor new recruit. Finally, if the extremely rare event of a Supreme holds the rock, the center gem levitates from within the Rock of Affiprob and floats around the eighteen year old before glittering down upon them as a powder. After this ritual is over, the new classified sorcerer keeps the gem that was found in the middle of the rock.

The next four years are spent training in their specific class before taking a year of mingled combat training with the other types of sorcerers. Then they are expected to be on active duty for at least two years unless events occur such as personal injury, pregnancy, or other traumatic events occur. Ambitious individuals will even study another four years to earn the rank of Scroll Keeper. With this, they are able to foster up to three apprentices. If a sorcerer chooses to become an apprentice under a Scroll Keeper, then they can quicken their education by at least half the time needed for the traditional method. In either process, the individual is still expected to complete missions according to their skill level. This requirement starts after a half a year of specified training in their classes.

As always there are exceptions to the process above. Most common is if a sorcerer is not born in the city of Mendaxum. Although it rarely occurs in present day Magitotum, it proves to be difficult to educate them. Usually they are discovered when a squad is out on a mission, thus why most sorcerers are required to carry a Rock of Affiprob on them. Once they have been found, they are immediately apprenticed under a Scroll Keeper to make up for lost time. Most of these foreigners are met with resentment from being an outsider at first, but some prove to rise above it and become leaders in their own right. Such education and structure, it is no wonder why dragons have had such a hard time in battle against these prepared humans.

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