About the Author

About the Author: Actually About the Author

A realization stuck me that all my about the author posts have not really talked about myself. So, let’s just talk about the basics; of course as you read I am a writer with a vivid imagination. The world of Magitotum started as a game I played with my brother, cousin, and a childhood friend. Over the years it evolved through my habit of journaling, filling up five of them with various ideas and concepts. Now not everything within these pages retains to the world of Magitotum. There are various ideas for businesses, epic retellings, food recipes, plays, musicals, sketches, my future house design, and array of others ideas that scurry around in my head. Hopefully one day you will see all of these brought to life.

In my free time I enjoy writing (such a shocker), playing video games, spending time with my fiancée, geocaching, watching movies, and playing board games with friends and family. It is important, in my humble opinion, to be a well rounded individual. I enjoy challenging both my mind and my body and encourage you to do the same. Relaxing while reading blogs is fantastic (see what I did there?), but remember to enjoy the great outdoors. Smell the fresh scent of the pines, laugh at the antics of chipmunks, feel the sand between your toes, delight in the taste of fresh picked berries, and listen to nature that surrounds you; from the rustling leaves to the crashing of waves. Even more important is to share these moments with loved ones and friends. There is no greater treasure in this world than spending time with others whom you love, at least that is what I believe.

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