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Depths of Depression

Down, down I go
To the cold I know…
Sinking faster below the surface
Wishing I knew a service…
All I see is misery and woe
It’s what one sees down below…
The glimmer of lights fading
No hope for wading…
It ends in darkness
Seeing the light less…
You’ll never claw yourself out
Just sink and mope about!
Forget what makes life worth living
And embrace the end of forgiving!
Yet there may still reside a voice
Giving us a glimmer of choice.
Hold your breath and you’ll get through
After all you know it’s true!
Use the tools to ask for help
Before you start eating the kelp!
From my side I pull the pouch
A handful of items which don’t slouch,
Helpful for some days
But not for today,
Yet there was one among the rest
A glass bottle to write to the best.
With pen in hand I scribble away
Hoping the ink will stay!
A last bit of effort I release
My final act please get it! Please!
Fading away I almost didn’t find
The lifeline I thought a trick of my mind!
Two hands wrap tightly on the rope
As I was rewarding for my belief in hope!
She pulls me on deck with a hug and kiss
Telling me how much she loves me and would miss!
The happiness we found together
And how we could storm any weather!
Slowly, happiness returns
To the point it burns.
Yet I feel the icy depths call
And I know again I’ll fall…
So, keep her close and near
Or you’ll lose it all I fear…

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