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Starting on the Path to Find an Agent

Welcome to a journal that will bring you to different realms and see many wonders. My dream is for all of you to become lost in this world of Magitotum among others that are yet to come. The first book in my Scales series, Scars and Scales, has been completed and I am in the process of finding an agent. So far any rejection I have gotten so far was just due to personal tastes. My hope is in the coming weeks I hear good news about a new chapter in my life.

1 thought on “Starting on the Path to Find an Agent”

  1. Very well written. I enjoyed what I have read. I have all the faith in the world that you can succeed in this dream. Take to heart the factors that you have overcome and no matter what realize that you chased a dream and now have people following that dream. You allow us to by sharing your talent with us. Keep reaching for the stars!! You can do it!!!


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