Scales Series, Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Omni

The Omni is a species of dragons that is able to use the abilities of all other dragons, even able to turn their mates into the same species as themselves. Their appearances range due to the mixed up genes that they inherit from all other species. Originally created to settle the conflict between the original species of dragon, they were once seen as heroes. Their founder, Omnes, dedicated his life to mending feuds between others starting out by ending the Conflict of Elemental and Metaphysical Disorder. Once he passed, his daughter Prima and his son Exim took his place and took responsibility for further lasting the peace. Prima took it upon herself to settle the Elemental dragons where Exim calmed the Metaphysical. Peace reigned even further. Slowly, corruption took seed in the hearts of these dragons as time grew on. It was at the end of the Tech War when they fully dipped into darkness. Led by Xerxes’ uncle, they committed horrible acts in search of dominion; the Genie Enslavement, the attack on Mendaxum, and the theft of Skapejuvel to name a few. They evil was soon snuffed out by one of their former allies, Delsey, came and wiped them out completely, or so everyone thought. In reality, she kept one alive for reasons unknown. Most of her allies assumed it was to show a sense of power. Now it is up to this one dragon to not only save Magitotum but to redeem his people.

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