Scales Series, Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Dwarf

I know dwarves have been introduced in so many stories such as The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Norse mythology. Much like they are found in other media, they are shorter than humans although in my book they are around four feet tall. In the land of Magitotum, there are two dwarven kingdoms; Skapejuvel and a sister kingdom in Graecia. Mostly smiths, they are usually sought after by all the lands for their great craftsmanship and supply of precious gems. Although they are more than just great craftsman they are also mighty warriors. In years past, there have been many dwarven warriors that have changed the tide of battle. The most famous of which would be Skapesmi, known as the siege breaker. Using his hammer Beleibrer made of the unbreakable metal known as Uknustal, he carved the way for many victories as he demolished city walls for the armies to pour in.

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