Exploring New Lands, Scales Series

Exploring New Lands: Petram

The land of stone is the place where three different races call their home. To the Western mountain range along the border of Epoca deep underground is the kingdom of Skapejuvel; where the dwarves mine day and night through the stone. In the Eastern mountain range that borders Staude are the homes of General Stonewall and his men. This side of the land has not fully been explored due to the fear of the golems attacking any traveler. Far in the North lies within another mountain ranger is Mount Storia, the home of the Racconto. Here one can see the winding road that travels to the top of the mountain where one can see the roof of the Pietrateca, the great library of the Racconto. Heading South across from the Plain of Nocciolo is a great forest. Found within is a clear lake with such sweet water. Through the forest over the gray rocky ground leads to the craggy coast to the ocean, known as the Moana. Many travelers enter the land from here due to the mountains that surround Petram.

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