A Closer Look, Scales Series

A Closer Look: Skapejuvel

The underground kingdom lies in the Eastern mountain range that borders Epoca in the land of Petram. For many years, the dwarves have carved their home into the mineral rich ground. To the common eye, it would seem like a complete maze, but to the dwarves they have a unique system. Each cave route is marked with a certain gem that tells the traveler where it leads. Major caverns within the kingdom include the banquet hall, throne room, Smi, and Badimanskinn. The banquet hall has hanging from the ceiling, stalactites that glowed like fire above the tables. The walls are aligned with torches that light up the room further and show off the dwarves’ craftsmanship of stones. Three long wood tables are in the hall with many seats on either side. Each have thrones that stand at the ends of each table. These change in appearance with each new king. The huge throne room is a cavern that had pillars leading to the throne. Each pillar is made of a different gem, six in total. The gems are ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz, amethyst, and peridot. The walls have lines of gold, diamond, and silver that run down to the throne which is made of the blue gem of lapis lazuli with a pink Thulite gem carved out into the emblem of the dwarves, a hammer on the top of the great seat. Found in one of the caverns is the magnificent Smi. A gigantic forge containing a rare item known as Inti, found only in two other forges in all of Magitotum. It burns brighter than any other and can make even the famous Uknustal malleable. Finally there is Badimanskinn, or the cavern bathed in moonlight. A simple room flooded with moonlight, it is a common place for lovers to spend holding each other tight. All around on the cavern room floors and walls are moonstones that reflect the pale light of the moon that pours in from a hole in the ceiling. It is arguable one of the most beautiful sights in all of Petram.

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