Exploring New Lands

Exploring New Lands: Conflictus

As the name clues one in, it is a land found in a constant state of conflict. From the very beginning of Magitotum, its sun burnt plains have been littered with war machines and burial sites. Thus the creatures found within this land are experts in the art of war. Leading them are the goblins, who have sat as the ruling class to guide the land. With their wisdom and compassion, they incited the Armorph (dragons that can transform any part of their body into a weapon) to live among them in the capital known as Bello Cap. The houses and shops are made of brown stones for the walls and had teal slated roofs. One would notice that this place had still not recovered from a past war; evident by buildings that still have burns, singes, and are smashed in every conceivable way of damage. Most of the shops have since been closed and lie close to what appears to be the old local market. The stands have been tipped over and the fruit had fallen on the ground, rotting with flies pouring out of them. Looking above the town is a castle; that at one time had five towers of teal standing tall. Now all but one have fallen; most of which have slid down the hillside and into the town, crushing several other buildings in the process. It looks like the keeps have been stationed on each corner of the walled fortress. At a set of bronze doors, the only standing barbican towered over them with a cannon situated on the top. Inside the walls is a dome with a bronze top. The town sits in front of the beach that opens into a bay which have several small wooden docks built on it. The sand is surprisingly well kept other than the few bits of scrap metal and wood, probably damage caused from the same battle that hit the rest of the town. A far-off cliff exhibits more of the past scars with the rocks broken off, leaving columns of white rock standing in front of a cove under the castle.

To the South lies the fishing village of the trolls. Built entirely from stones pulled from the ocean floor, it has stood strong through many attacks. Simple looking at best, bridges connect village that sits upon the many mini islands that make of the town. Huts and small houses make the main part of the area. Only a few buildings stand taller than them, including a lighthouse, the banquet hall, and the occasional watchtower. It is common to see trolls sitting about with their lines in the water and eating the raw fish that they have caught. Though now the trolls have long been banished from their home by the sorceress Delsey for not following her.

To the East of the fishing village lies the caves of the Gremlins. These tiny impish creatures have made a series of catacombs out in the desert; all them pieced together with metal and mechanical creations. Over years of combat and scavenging, the Gremlins have learned the art of the machine. So much so that their inventions have the ability to rival the Jiqeeran and Lone Star’s men. Still, it seems no one has an interest in this race of genius.

Heading back to Bello Cap and to the Northeast is the city of Suregarde. A huge stone-walled city it has long been protected by the gargoyles that call it home. Eight towers in each direction of the compass are embedded in the ramparts. Only one gate leads into the city and that is being guarded by rather large gargoyles who are scary in appearance alone. If the guards bow then they will let you through the front gate. Hustling and bustling groups of goblins, humans, and gargoyles fill the cobblestone roads of the busy city. Houses of stone are tightly clustered together with slanted and flat rooftops. What is more interesting are the spires that are spread throughout the city. They are the tallest structures in the entire area where water flows down their tops in constant waterfalls. From there, it pools around in a moat like fashion before a pipe will bring the water back to the top. At least one gargoyle are perched on each of these, some encased in stone while falling asleep at their post. Once enough birds perch on them, they will awaken; scattering the feathered creatures into the sky. After weaving through streets and alleyways, one comes to a titanic building. It is easily the largest and most likely the tallest structure in the entire city. On the front end of the building ascending several long steps, are two squared limestone towers that roar with the sound of waterfalls that pour from each of their windows. They act much like the spires one had seen earlier but in a grander fashion. In between these giants is a rounded watchtower with a lookout stationed on top. Along the long roof are pools of water that reflects shimmering colors from the sun above. Rainbows can be seen if they are to stand at just the right position from the mists that arose. The back of the building has two more of the large towers with a spire on top of each. Ledges align the sides pouring water from the spout above it. Entering the building through two large wooden doors and past two guards would bring one inside the great Hall of Garacur. The inside is spacious, and every step echoes through the chamber. Spouts pour water into several pools where several gargoyles are found soaking. Down a middle aisle one can precede to an elevated platform where a large table is set. On top of a red table cloth with a golden embroidery, is laid out a map of Conflictus and Mendaxum.

A village half-hazard made with wooden planks, stone, and animal skins to the East of Suregarde keeps the gargoyles on their watch. Here the barbaric race known as the ogre lives. They are not builders by far, only knowing blood shed and chaos, thus why their homes look similar. It is not uncommon for a house to fall in at least once a day in their village. If you see these shaky structures, stay away unless you want to be crushed by the awful workmanship or possibly eaten by the monsters that dwell within it.

Exploring New Lands

Exploring New Lands: Pruina

Pruina, the land of blistering snow and covered in slippery sheets of ice, is found North of Fabulum across the mountain ranges that surround the frost bitten land. To the West is a vast forest of snow-covered pines where the Howling Winter tribe hunts their prey.  Once one travels through the trees, over roots, and trudges through the snow. After what seems like an hour, they will arrive at a series of caves. In the center of these is a large bonfire where many of the werewolves can be found talking and feasting around it. Behind this, is the largest cave that is covered in a wall of icicles. A doorway has been carved into it with a flap of deer skin that covered the entrance. Upon this is painted a symbol that showed a wolf howling and is outlined by a snowflake, the symbol of the tribe. In this cavern, the tribe will meet to discuss issues plaguing them. If you happen to be a prisoner of the tribe, you are led to a side cavern, away from the main part of the village and the warm fire. Once inside, your weapons are placed in a metal box before being led to a set of jails cells further down the hall. This is a better alternative then how most end up. If you find yourself in the woods with a storm that seems to be howling, you better duck or your head will roll from their silent kill.

In the center of Pruina is a long valley where several small villages of humans can be found. They are protected by the Zimkon, where there home city is found in the far North. Made entirely of ice, the leader sits upon his throne in a castle. Several swirling, frozen fountains lead up to the building, where curvy three towers look over the city. Decorated with such splendid sparkling ice and snow that the sun that rises sparkles magnificent colors unto the land. As for the city, it weaves in and out of caverns with its thick walls of ice that not even an ax could make a dent in, thus why they are protecting while hugging the mountains with their front gate being guarded at all times. Like most cities, there are market places, homes that range of a simple one room or towering spires, healing centers, and schools where young Zimkon learn to control their powers.

Across the valley to the South is found the fortress of Mr. Frost. Originally invited to stay in this land after the Tech War, he was seen as a new protector for the people of Pruina. So much so, that the Zimkon helped build his fortress. Three layers of thick ice walls protect the inner sanctum from attack. Catapults and cannons litter the walls that Frost can activate with his powers with a flick of his hands. The inner building is dull to look at, a simple dome one door leading into it. One when approaches it by air, their are met by spikes of ice that emerge.

Finally, to the East is found the Lake of Smeroza, a body of water with icy temperature that could cause frost bite and a quick death if no one is there to warm them. A thin layer of ice covers the water, meaning it is easy to break. If one travels far enough, the lake turns into the Sea of Maremanes found in the land of Peractium, also known as the land of the dead. For this reason alone, the lake is a place to stay away from and is feared by many. Tread carefully if you ever found yourself upon it.

Exploring New Lands

Exploring New Lands: Reus

The kingdom in the clouds is the domain of the giants. There are few ways to reach this place; a beanstalk from Fabulum or an icy staircase sent by Reus’ gate keeper. Once one reaches above the cloud line, they are are greeted by said keeper; a male giant with a beard made of icicles. His clothes are made of wool that clings to his rather large shaking belly. In one hand he holds a ten-foot large pipe that clouds seem to be seeping from and fill the air. His skin has a blue tint to it as his dark blue eyes look at any foreigners.

The land itself is vast and spreads above the lands of Fabulum, Pruina, and part of Conflictus. As one looks over the land once entering through the gate, they can see stone castles that stand in the far distance while in front of them lay a town of great limestone houses and marketplaces with pillars of white marble. To those who have visited Graecia, they would comment that they are similar in architecture. After traveling through the town, they are greeted by rolling hills of green and giants in loincloths looking after their sheep. Finally, they would reach a gigantic castle made of marble. Two rows of columns lead to a draw bridge where from two towers guards keep watch. Inside one finds a fountain whirled into a beautiful icy spiral. Four stone slab benches surround this while the rest of the courtyard is mixed with shrubbery, giants, and a pool. A giant wooden hall stood to the right of the fountain where laughter pours out from its windows and a lavish garden stands to the left. Directly behind the fountain and beyond the pool that seems more like a lake; stands the noble house. This is made of granite blocks that are as tall as a dwarf. A single tower protrudes from the back of the building with a triangular roof. The rest of the structure stands with pillars of marble aligning its dome like model.

Futher into the country side, one would find mountains which have been carved into seats. When there is a meeting, the council members will assemble and take their places at this spot known as Radsmode. On the left is a giantess who wore a long robe of cotton that has many patches and holes strewn upon it. Her long hair drapes over her bosom all the way down to her hips and is entwine with flowers. Similarly, the crook she holds in her hand is decorated the same. Bleating next to her is a sheep of black wool that nuzzles lovingly into the giantess. Authoritatively sitting on the right of the sheep loving giantess on a frost covered mountain is Hallfa, the chief of Reus. The giantess herself is not awful to look at either. She has dirty blonde hair that she keeps in a braid, thick enough to be the mast of a ship. This hangs down to her bosom that can hold milk worth of least ten cows. Her body has flattering curves that are highlighted by her loose fitting jeans and a long-sleeved cotton shirt. Next to her is a rough looking brute, wearing full Graecian armor except for a helmet that would traditionally be strapped to his head. The bronze breast plate glints at the rising sun along with the matching greaves fixed upon his calves. Embedded into the ground is his spear while wrapped around his waist is a sword. His bald head is littered with scars; the most notable one down his left eye that has been removed. The seat he occupies is a volcano with lava that flows around him. The final seat would seem unoccupied until a snore comes from the rubble. If someone wakes the giant up they see the rocks come to life as his crystal-like eyes with pupils of onyx and irises of ruby open. The giant has a sharp nose with a cleft chin as a robe of grass hugs around him. The land of Reus is a fascinating land, but watch out for giants are not used to seeing humans and might just step on you by accident.

Exploring New Lands

Exploring New Lands: Fabulum

A land of meadows and mostly small villages, this place has stayed out of most wars that plagued Magitotum except the Graecian Expansion. At that time, the Cyclops looked to escape the gods and goddesses of Olympus. When they saw the meadows of Fabulum, they were eager to take what they wanted. They were surprised when the people did not only fight back but completely defeat them. This was impart due to the formation of the Muffet clan; a group of animal trainers that have incredible fighting ability. At the conclusion of the fighting, the founders made a treaty with the Cyclops for them to live above them in the clouds and calling it Reus. In return, the one eyed creatures taught the land how to shepherd their flocks. For many years this relationship stayed in tact, until the Giants, descendants of the mixture of Cyclops and humans, came to start war once again. They were only stopped when the brave farmer Jack killed the leader of the kingdom of Reus. Peace once again settled but only for a short while. A short conflict followed when the Trolls of Conflictus fled from their homeland. They attempted to settle in the rivers of Magitotum by building great bridges and a fortress. Led by the Muffets, they were quickly thwarted and were forced to serve the kingdom of Fabulum. They was no pause from the fighting as a new threat came.

It came to pass that the werewolf Mallupo, who was thought to be dead, plagued Fabulum. Through scores and scores of men and women he killed, but the children he did something worse. He turned the children of his victims into Lunalpha werewolves like himself. With that control, he was able to bring Fabulum to its knees. Not feeling he had enough power, he headed to the forest found in the Southern part of Fabulum. There inside was a pack of large wolves that had occasionally caused trouble for the people of the land. They were now calmed by a members of the head Muffet family who took it upon themselves to train the wolves. Unfortunately, when Mallupo showed up that training meant nothing as he turned the wolves on their friends. With more of an army to take over the land, he headed straight to royal castle. He was stopped by a man in a full suit of shining silver armor. That day he was stopped with his arm chopped off by the blade of the mysterious assailant. Peace was again settled in this land, or so it was thought.

The place itself has three distinct places known by most. In the South is a grand forest where no one dares to venture. There inside the twisting branches and crawling roots the pack of wolves hunts for food, only straying off if there are very little left. To the North is the Muffet Estate. This stretches from to the edge of the mountain range that surrounds Pruina to a few miles from the royal city near the Northeast side of the land of Magitotum. A small forest can be found within this estate where many creatures wander and one can even see the tower made from thorns and vines that was created by Silvia Muffet behind the main household. The royal city is where the king sits on his throne and governs the land. His people live outside his castle walls in two different sections that have caused a conflict within his nearby home. It seems that the cutoff land of Fabulum may just need some outside assistance after all.

Exploring New Lands, Scales Series

Exploring New Lands: Spiegel

The twinkling land of Spiegel was once a land inhabited by scientifically advanced humans. An unknown cataclysm caused their city to be in ruins and their land turned to sand. It was left untouched for many years, until the Betrachs needed a new home. With the help of the Matahari, they turned most of the land into smooth slopes of glass. Of course, this attracted the doppelgangers as they found a parallel home within the reverse world. Still the Betrachs rebuilt the city left by the humans, adding mirrors to the outside of the skyscrapers despite the risk of attack. Sand roads lead travelers through this reflective land where eyes are constantly watching their every move.