About the Author

Technology Tantrum

Hello everyone sorry if you have been on the cite the past couples days and found it a jumbled mess. As you will come to find out, technology is not my forte. In fact, I almost through my lap top against the wall trying to set up the new format. However, with patience one can achieve anything. Technology is a key player on how I can achieve my dream and I have to learn one way or another. Why is that you ask? Well, first and foremost in able to expose my art to all you fine people. Believe it or not, every time you like, search, follow, or share my page you get my one step closer to attaining my goal. How? Building up a base of people who are interested in a story makes an agent or a publisher for that matter more inclined to look at certain individuals. So, I want to say thanks to everyone who have supported me thus far in this endeavor and I hope you continue to enjoy the stories I post. One day I promise, you will hold a book in your hand that is written by KC J. Hutchins.

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