Exploring New Lands

Exploring New Lands: Fabulum

A land of meadows and mostly small villages, this place has stayed out of most wars that plagued Magitotum except the Graecian Expansion. At that time, the Cyclops looked to escape the gods and goddesses of Olympus. When they saw the meadows of Fabulum, they were eager to take what they wanted. They were surprised when the people did not only fight back but completely defeat them. This was impart due to the formation of the Muffet clan; a group of animal trainers that have incredible fighting ability. At the conclusion of the fighting, the founders made a treaty with the Cyclops for them to live above them in the clouds and calling it Reus. In return, the one eyed creatures taught the land how to shepherd their flocks. For many years this relationship stayed in tact, until the Giants, descendants of the mixture of Cyclops and humans, came to start war once again. They were only stopped when the brave farmer Jack killed the leader of the kingdom of Reus. Peace once again settled but only for a short while. A short conflict followed when the Trolls of Conflictus fled from their homeland. They attempted to settle in the rivers of Magitotum by building great bridges and a fortress. Led by the Muffets, they were quickly thwarted and were forced to serve the kingdom of Fabulum. They was no pause from the fighting as a new threat came.

It came to pass that the werewolf Mallupo, who was thought to be dead, plagued Fabulum. Through scores and scores of men and women he killed, but the children he did something worse. He turned the children of his victims into Lunalpha werewolves like himself. With that control, he was able to bring Fabulum to its knees. Not feeling he had enough power, he headed to the forest found in the Southern part of Fabulum. There inside was a pack of large wolves that had occasionally caused trouble for the people of the land. They were now calmed by a members of the head Muffet family who took it upon themselves to train the wolves. Unfortunately, when Mallupo showed up that training meant nothing as he turned the wolves on their friends. With more of an army to take over the land, he headed straight to royal castle. He was stopped by a man in a full suit of shining silver armor. That day he was stopped with his arm chopped off by the blade of the mysterious assailant. Peace was again settled in this land, or so it was thought.

The place itself has three distinct places known by most. In the South is a grand forest where no one dares to venture. There inside the twisting branches and crawling roots the pack of wolves hunts for food, only straying off if there are very little left. To the North is the Muffet Estate. This stretches from to the edge of the mountain range that surrounds Pruina to a few miles from the royal city near the Northeast side of the land of Magitotum. A small forest can be found within this estate where many creatures wander and one can even see the tower made from thorns and vines that was created by Silvia Muffet behind the main household. The royal city is where the king sits on his throne and governs the land. His people live outside his castle walls in two different sections that have caused a conflict within his nearby home. It seems that the cutoff land of Fabulum may just need some outside assistance after all.

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