Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Trolls

A head tall over the goblin and much lankier with colorful skin; it is a relative of the goblins, gargoyles, ogres, and gremlins. Long mullets of hair drape down their back and around their pointed ears. Instead of fangs they have tusks that curve around the outside of their mouth. Boils can be found on the surface of their skin especially on their hands. Once part of the realm of Conflictus, they were force out of their home by Delsey when they refused to follow her rule. They fought to be an equal people once they fled to Fabulum, but were defeated due to the somewhat cruel tactics of Gruff Muffet. From then on, they became servants to the royal family. Their skills as stone smiths were put to work as they built bridges on which they collected the tolls that went to the king. Often they dream of returning to their fishing village and be whole gain in the land of Conflictus.

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