Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Goblin

The goblins are a honor bound society, fighting battles with a sense of fairness. Their skills with all forms of weapons can even put a dragon’s back against a wall. They have long been the leaders of their relatives the trolls, gremlins, and gargoyles until the end of the Tech War. During a bloody battle, the blame was placed upon the royal family for the catastrophe. This paved the way for the sorceress Queen Delsey to take control of the realm of Conflictus. Goblins stand at the same height as humans with a thicker skin. They come in arrange of colors such as red, blue, and yellow with decorations of scars and burns earned by combat. Solid metal earrings are a popular fashion trend among the goblins that they pierce on their pointed ears. It can be intimidating walking up to these creatures with their fangs somewhat sticking out. Rest assured most goblins will bring you no harm unless you cross them. Then you can expect a fair fight and a place to sleep after you have been knocked out.

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