Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Giants

Originally, these colossal beings were once the fire-breathing Cyclops that had fled Graecia. After mating with humans due to a special medallion that allows them to shrink, they have now diversified themselves. Four sub species of giants have emerged since their time living the Reus, the land in the clouds. Most common were the frost giants also known as the Iskjem. They were able to manipulate the water around them and freeze their opponents. Along with this power, they were able to form ice constructs to both defend and protect themselves. Another kind would be that of the Fjellpe, or stone giants. Most of the time one would never see these behemoths, since they spend most of their time sleeping. While they do this, they look like mountains. In terms of strength, they were the most physical strong of their kind. The Gjet were a type of giant that manipulates flora. Almost all of them were nudists, despite the complaints from their brethren. These giants enjoyed peaceful meadows where they watch over their sheep. Finally, there were the most radical of the modern day giants, the Gigantas. Although having no ties to the land of Graecia, they followed in the brutal tactics of their ancestors. Constantly, they trained for battle even when there was no war. Lava does not hurt them but rather heals them; thus why they have used it to bathe. These radical thinkers have claimed to always look out for the benefit of Reus, but from seeds of conflict due thorns of war grow.

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