Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Zimkon

Dragons that harness the fury of the blizzard, they have lived in Pruina where snow always covers the ground. Their powers range from frost breath, ice constructs, the ability to summon snowstorms, changing their body heat, seeing heat  signatures through the cold, and being able to freeze someone in place. They can easily fly through snow storms but not with their wings. The bottom half of their bodies turn into flurries of snow that allows for better maneuverability. In appearance, most have tusks that protrude from their jaws that they can use to break ice. Down their backs, ice spikes grow slicked back with a sharpened edge. Strangely, some even have white fur that are found around their neck and down their spine. They can easily camouflage into the snow due to their patterns of blue and white scales. If you find yourself in a snowstorm, these dragons can be deadly.

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