Item Inquiry

Item Inquiry: Node Portal System

In the land of Mendaxum, a common form of traveling for sorcerers is the Node Portal System. What is this you ask? A simple design and concept, it starts with the node. A node is a circular pad with veins of magic that stem from a center gem. These are usually placed inside homes, business, and common public places. The pad resonates to a specific node stone designated by the user. The said stone is a small rock with incantations written upon it. In the center is a glowing gem that resonates to a host node. When one wants to get to the specific pad, they only have to think about their destination and use one finger to rub around the center gem in a circle. As they do this, they must touch each of the incantations written upon the stone or it will not work. A clever tool to cut down the commute time in the busy land of Mendaxum.

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