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Insanity or Common Sense

Oh to be still in this conundrum. Yours truly still hasn’t gotten an agent… so it made me think… Is it worth the trouble of getting one? See, a lot of them seem to ask us to already have a sizeable gathering of people before querying. Which I can see why they would want that… Then again isn’t it their job to be the great networkers and promoters? Isn’t that why we end up giving them a cut of our profits to do this task which we are untrained to do? Makes one wonder. Heck if I am already doing part of the work, why not do the rest of it? So, I’ve decided to query the last of the agents on my list. If I receive the same passing responses (or lack of), I’ll be self publishing. Seems to be the way I’ve lived my life; carving my own path to reach my destination. Sure there’s going to be some pit falls and uneven terrain. There will be many signs trying to point me down the wrong path. But I’ll trudge forward… ignoring the downers trying to nip at my ankles or the doubt that patiently stalks me along the way; ready to pounce if I should falter. It shall never get the chance. One way or another, I will become an author.

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