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The difference between arguments, debates, and discussions

Some might find these words the same; all described as talking to another about an important topic. However, this train of though would be incorrect. Let’s begin with argument. In this analogy, I want you to think of a game of chicken between two cars. Neither decides to turn away and a huge crash occurs. Most of the time one cursing the other and some sort of injury is occurred to one or both parties. Both sides are so passionate about their point of view they cannot hear what the other has to say. The other result is the two cars come screaming towards each other and it seems they are hopeless to collide; one veers away at the last second. Some injury may occur to the other but most of the time it will result in subsequent rematches where it will end in ruins. This could be interpreted as a debate. Both sides are passionate about their subject, but decide there had to be a winner in the end. So one either caves to the other’s belief (sometimes forced or reasoned into it) or lets them have this victory to debate with increased vigor and, sometimes, hate. Then there is the final example. Each gets into their car, slowly parks next to each other, rolls down their windows, and talks to one another. This is a discussion. Both parties realize realize that they don’t need to get so heated in order to discuss something… that maybe each side has an idea that would improve what ever the problem is. In these situations we find true solutions and great feats to be accomplished. However, this last form is rarely seen. For it is seen in media and most leaders who believe they must fight like mad dogs to have their own way. This is folly. No one point of view can be perfect for there are many variables to one problem. This can be thought of it when giving a variety of chefs an egg. A saucier will make Hollandaise sauce, a poissonier a white fish omelet, rotiseur saucy beef with baked eggs, just to name a few. And that was just for food. Imagine when it comes to those more diverse topics we don’t like to talk about. For in our minds we think it will only end in an argument. Yet if we took the time to discuss such matters maybe a true solution would present itself… or on a more personal note, you understand the people around you. Communication is one of the most important acts we take for granted. But with a few words we let those around us know we love them. So I encourage you, have many discussions while avoiding the temptations of arguments and debates.

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