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An Irish Lament

It’s been a couple months since it happened so it’s time. My Pepere has passed away. The stubborn man fought death for many years as he defied the odds. He proved a strong will and love can keep a heart beating. For as long as I knew him he was a kind and jolly man… though you didn’t want to make him mad. Then he’d turn into Donald Duck for a small period of time. However, he always forgave those he loved. He didn’t say that phrase all to often, but you felt it through the warmth he emanated. Whether it was playing cards, singing along to Irish songs, listening to his stories, watching a movie together, going out to eat, or simply talking about nothing; one would feel a smile spread across their face. Heck if he had a beard I’m sure he could have convinced everyone he was Santa Claus. After all he did have a habit of grabbing random presents for people around him. I’ll miss having these moments with him, but I can always treasure the times I had with him. He was there for my wedding, my graduation, my first house, most of my performances, holidays, and many more events. Supporting me in every interest I had by asking about it and being there when he could physically manage it. And even though I’m sad to say goodbye, I know he’s no longer in pain. See you later Pep, and though you don’t like to say it back all the time… I love you.