Item Inquiry

Item Inquiry: Powder of Enttaus

Created by crushing while combining moonstone and moon salt, this powder can be used to remove an enchantment. This is only in the case of something that limits the patient from a spell done by another. The ailment can only can be cured with the infected area being powdered with this strong medicine. During the Fang War, it was originally created to counteract the assault of the Knights of the Round Table, these mere humans given a magical network by Merlin. This new medicine proved invaluable during the conflict, saving many lives from horrible spells that were designed to be cruel towards werewolf and vampire kind.

Item Inquiry

Item Inquiry: Clay of Erhol

A suggestive name by the Moon Claw tribe considering the actually substance is more paste-like in appearance and texture. This unique mixture is made from a powdered mix of selenite, moonstone, labradorite, and opal combined with sap from both the birch and and alder trees. However, it only takes form when exposed to the moon or shot with a blast of moon/primal energy. As for the purpose of this medicine, it is to reform tissue and organs lost in battle and has the ability to work on all species. For example, a goblin has his arm blown off in battle. If gotten to quick enough, the Clay of Erhol can reform the lost limb with no side effects. The only way to tell the difference from before is the gleam of silver that will show when the scarred area is exposed to moon light.

Item Inquiry

Item Inquiry: Densan

Silbermond, as discussed before, reacts to moonlight and/or the primal energy released by werewolves. What happens when the injury is given by a fellow werewolf using this energy? The medicine is not strong enough to tell the difference between the healer’s power and that radiating off the wound. In order to remedy this, the healer grinds wolves’ teeth, claws, and hairs into a powder. Then they slowly pour the dust in evenly, controlling the flow with their hand. If done correctly, a puff of silver should arise from the concoction. With this complete, one had made the medical potion known as Densan.

Item Inquiry

Item Inquiry: Medallion of Howling Winter

Much like the Medallion of Moon Claw, this was given to a group of werewolves on the Matriarch’s death bed. The tribe that formed around it obtained the power of her mighty breath. The wearer of this item is given stronger ice powers and a more precise and powerful control of blizzards; so much so that they can cover entire lands with a single howl that sounds like that of a thousand. In addition, their body feels no effects from the cold even if they are encased in ice. Meaning their muscles do not tighten like other beings in the snow. This allows for them to move much quicker than their opponent who seems to move like a slug to them. Add in the fact that the Howling Winter tribe has mastered being silent on snow and you have a deadly combination. Beware the chief that wears a necklace with a pendant made of pure ice snowflake on which is carved a wolf howling. One cannot mistake this object for nothing else with the string around the neck decorated by claws.

Item Inquiry

Item Inquiry: Medallion of Moon Claw

Long ago when the Matriarch was upon her death bead, she passed on her power to her children by way of four medallions. Each tribe formed around these objects and were gifted powers from the energy that radiated from it. However, whoever wielded the medallion was granted far greater abilities that almost rivaled that of the Matriarch herself. In particular, the medallion of Moon Claw grants the wearer healing from any injury instantly. Much like the properties of Silbermond, the injuries they do sustain glow silver and pale like the moon before it becomes healed. There is no need to focus on the area or do any preparations necessary unlike other medicines.  This becomes a problem for their enemies that cannot seem to stop an unrestrained assault.

In appearance, the crescent shape medallion has three slash marks behind the depiction of the moon. It is made of a white metal as a ribbon of evergreen is used to hang it around the wearers neck. When the medallion is active, it will glow a pale light color. Only a member of the Moon Claw tribe can use this item while all others will have only a fashionable accessory. Never be found wearing this precious artifact without the tribe’s permission or you might just end up losing your neck.

Exploring New Lands

Exploring New Lands: Pruina

Pruina, the land of blistering snow and covered in slippery sheets of ice, is found North of Fabulum across the mountain ranges that surround the frost bitten land. To the West is a vast forest of snow-covered pines where the Howling Winter tribe hunts their prey.  Once one travels through the trees, over roots, and trudges through the snow. After what seems like an hour, they will arrive at a series of caves. In the center of these is a large bonfire where many of the werewolves can be found talking and feasting around it. Behind this, is the largest cave that is covered in a wall of icicles. A doorway has been carved into it with a flap of deer skin that covered the entrance. Upon this is painted a symbol that showed a wolf howling and is outlined by a snowflake, the symbol of the tribe. In this cavern, the tribe will meet to discuss issues plaguing them. If you happen to be a prisoner of the tribe, you are led to a side cavern, away from the main part of the village and the warm fire. Once inside, your weapons are placed in a metal box before being led to a set of jails cells further down the hall. This is a better alternative then how most end up. If you find yourself in the woods with a storm that seems to be howling, you better duck or your head will roll from their silent kill.

In the center of Pruina is a long valley where several small villages of humans can be found. They are protected by the Zimkon, where there home city is found in the far North. Made entirely of ice, the leader sits upon his throne in a castle. Several swirling, frozen fountains lead up to the building, where curvy three towers look over the city. Decorated with such splendid sparkling ice and snow that the sun that rises sparkles magnificent colors unto the land. As for the city, it weaves in and out of caverns with its thick walls of ice that not even an ax could make a dent in, thus why they are protecting while hugging the mountains with their front gate being guarded at all times. Like most cities, there are market places, homes that range of a simple one room or towering spires, healing centers, and schools where young Zimkon learn to control their powers.

Across the valley to the South is found the fortress of Mr. Frost. Originally invited to stay in this land after the Tech War, he was seen as a new protector for the people of Pruina. So much so, that the Zimkon helped build his fortress. Three layers of thick ice walls protect the inner sanctum from attack. Catapults and cannons litter the walls that Frost can activate with his powers with a flick of his hands. The inner building is dull to look at, a simple dome one door leading into it. One when approaches it by air, their are met by spikes of ice that emerge.

Finally, to the East is found the Lake of Smeroza, a body of water with icy temperature that could cause frost bite and a quick death if no one is there to warm them. A thin layer of ice covers the water, meaning it is easy to break. If one travels far enough, the lake turns into the Sea of Maremanes found in the land of Peractium, also known as the land of the dead. For this reason alone, the lake is a place to stay away from and is feared by many. Tread carefully if you ever found yourself upon it.

Scales Series, Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Werewolf

At the beginning, when werewolves first came into existence, there was only one tribe led by the Matriarch. She was the mother of their kind and had a mixed coat of grey, brown, white, and black. Her abilities were limitless compared to her children. She led benevolently over the one tribe for many moons before passing on. With her last breath, she imparted her wisdom upon her brethren, gifting each one of four necklaces that held a portion of her power. From there, the four tribes were born, and each tribe has held one of the treasures as their most sacred object  First is the tribe of Moon Claw with their fur of grey. They are renowned healers who can heal even the most critically wounded. Since healers are usually on the front lines of battle, they are also decent fighters. Their home is in Floresta in the forests of Baum. Another pack is the Howling Winter. As one can guess from the name, they are found in the snow-covered land of Pruina. They are masters of the silent kill and stealth, capable of blending into their surroundings with ease. Their coats are usually white in color but they can change the pigment of every strand of fur on their body. The next tribe would be the Pounce Paw tribe found in the desert land of Kasi. They are the quickest werewolves of all the tribes and are known for killing prey by sucking the very blood from the creature. One can usually tell by the three holes in the victim’s neck that it was a member of the Pounce Paw tribe. Some think that they may be a cross between vampire and werewolf due to their increased speed, nocturnal nature, and the way they kill. Anyways they have coats spotted with brown, black, and white patterns with long tails that they use to turn around corners. Most also have spines with spikes that shoot out to defend against attack. Finally, there is the clan that most despise. These are the Lunalpha tribe once found in the land of Éire before the Fang War. They are known as the most vicious clan who showed absolute no mercy in battle. Thus, another name they are known by are Lunatics. It is not too far off from the feeling of being in that beastly form from the accounts of those born into this tribe. Anger fuels how much power one of them can unleash. They have a coat of all black that strikes fear into the heart of their enemies. The reason why this tribe in particular is so hated is due in part to one individual, Mallupo. Part of the family of the chief, he used his power to quench his love of violence and mayhem. The Fang War would have ended a lot sooner if he had not killed a peace treaty group that had come to Éire to see the current leader of the Lunalpha tribe. They would never know about this fact until many moons later once the war had ended and the entirety of the Lunalpha tribe had been wiped out, or so it was thought.