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Item Inquiry: Amulet of Tawala

A small golden medallion of a cat’s face with elongated ears, its eyes glows green when it uses its powers. This object allows the wearer to control anyone who looks at it directly, among some other abilities still yet to be discovered. It was recovered after the fall of the Pharaoh Tandaa and given to the Racconto to store. The mad man attempted to control all Hadithi following the Wizard’s War. He was stopped by an alliance formed between the genies, the people of the region of Uchawi, and some rogue sorcerers from Mendaxum. They decided it was best to leave the former rulers body with his people in the region of Kunyoosha, but the medallion they needed to be sent as far away as possible.

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Item Inquiry: Medallion of Howling Winter

Much like the Medallion of Moon Claw, this was given to a group of werewolves on the Matriarch’s death bed. The tribe that formed around it obtained the power of her mighty breath. The wearer of this item is given stronger ice powers and a more precise and powerful control of blizzards; so much so that they can cover entire lands with a single howl that sounds like that of a thousand. In addition, their body feels no effects from the cold even if they are encased in ice. Meaning their muscles do not tighten like other beings in the snow. This allows for them to move much quicker than their opponent who seems to move like a slug to them. Add in the fact that the Howling Winter tribe has mastered being silent on snow and you have a deadly combination. Beware the chief that wears a necklace with a pendant made of pure ice snowflake on which is carved a wolf howling. One cannot mistake this object for nothing else with the string around the neck decorated by claws.

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Item Inquiry: Medallion of Moon Claw

Long ago when the Matriarch was upon her death bead, she passed on her power to her children by way of four medallions. Each tribe formed around these objects and were gifted powers from the energy that radiated from it. However, whoever wielded the medallion was granted far greater abilities that almost rivaled that of the Matriarch herself. In particular, the medallion of Moon Claw grants the wearer healing from any injury instantly. Much like the properties of Silbermond, the injuries they do sustain glow silver and pale like the moon before it becomes healed. There is no need to focus on the area or do any preparations necessary unlike other medicines.  This becomes a problem for their enemies that cannot seem to stop an unrestrained assault.

In appearance, the crescent shape medallion has three slash marks behind the depiction of the moon. It is made of a white metal as a ribbon of evergreen is used to hang it around the wearers neck. When the medallion is active, it will glow a pale light color. Only a member of the Moon Claw tribe can use this item while all others will have only a fashionable accessory. Never be found wearing this precious artifact without the tribe’s permission or you might just end up losing your neck.