Item Inquiry

Item Inquiry: Medallion of Howling Winter

Much like the Medallion of Moon Claw, this was given to a group of werewolves on the Matriarch’s death bed. The tribe that formed around it obtained the power of her mighty breath. The wearer of this item is given stronger ice powers and a more precise and powerful control of blizzards; so much so that they can cover entire lands with a single howl that sounds like that of a thousand. In addition, their body feels no effects from the cold even if they are encased in ice. Meaning their muscles do not tighten like other beings in the snow. This allows for them to move much quicker than their opponent who seems to move like a slug to them. Add in the fact that the Howling Winter tribe has mastered being silent on snow and you have a deadly combination. Beware the chief that wears a necklace with a pendant made of pure ice snowflake on which is carved a wolf howling. One cannot mistake this object for nothing else with the string around the neck decorated by claws.

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