A Closer Look, Scales Series

A Closer Look: Mount Storia

Home of the Raccontos is located in the land of Petram in the Northern mountain range. A single road winds from the top of the mountain to the bottom and onto the Plain of Nocciolo, This cobblestone path is used for an attack strategy where the Racconto roll down at high speeds and flatten anyone who dares threaten their home. Along it are their home and businesses, carved modestly into the mountainside. Each dragon has a small den which usually includes a bed of rocks, book shelf, and a fireplace to cook meals. This continues on and up to the summit. Here stands the great Pietrateca, the great library of the Racconto. A brown brick library that stands at the top of the great hill. Walls enclose the top of the mountain and have several lookout towers that watch the plains. The library stands above all with a tower pointed above with a tin top. The tower has a spiral of brown, gray, black, and white stones that lead to the uppermost part of the building. Below the tower, the main part of the library has white marble pillars that stand tall with ornamentation influenced of Ionian, Corinthian, and Doric scattered every other. The grand doors are made of Redwood before entering the inner part of the library. Inside are shelves upon shelves of books that curve all along the walls of the library, making a maze of information. The ceiling has further carvings of stories of the past. At the middle of the place, is a desk that is circular with an attendant standing by. On the second floor, is an array of artifacts pulled from different parts of Magitotum history. Among them include but not limited to; a robotic arm from the Tech War, the treaty of the Conflict of Elemental and Metaphysical Forces, and a ring that Merlin wore during the Wizard’s War. In a far-off corner behind one glass container, is a small medallion of a cat’s face with elongated ears known as the Amulet of Tawala. It is considered one of the most dangerous items kept by the Racconto. A large stone spiral staircase that goes from the middle of the second floor among the artifacts to the upper tower. If one looks out to see they could see the mountains that are topped with snow. After many steps, one would arrive at the top floor. Inside of this tower, usually sits the dean on a seat made of blue topaz. The leader of their people, they are found with a book in their hand or looking over important documents retaining the the welfare of their land.

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