Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Yilong

Eerie how shadows can seem to crawl toward one and follow one’s every move; never leaving their side. Constantly, they watch as those in the light walk about ever so freely. Caution is advised if you find one acting strangely, one of two beings you could have on your hand. This time around we will talk about the option of it being the dragon species known as the Yilong. These creatures have the ability to make shadows move at their will; sometimes forming solid constructs or simply melting into the darkness. They are extremely crafty, able to plan several steps ahead of time while favoring surprise attacks. Usually, these dragons are hired for assassinations by other lands; rarely getting into larger conflicts except for warring with their human ninja neighbors in the land of Ying. The reason being not of land division, but a rivalry of gaining contracts for assassination targets.

In appearance, these dragons unlike others have a beak-like mouth and are smaller in size. This proving an advantage as it helps them to move about quicker and with more acrobatic ability. Their smaller wings are more meant for gliding from roof top to roof top than anything else; depending on their quick feet or hitching a ride in a stranger’s shadow. Found along their body are thin black scales that help camouflage them into the darkness except for a band-like gray pattern found around the eyes to the back of the head. Down their spine you will find no spikes, only a smooth back to their short tail that they use to heighten their jumps. Their eyes adjust to light from having them be completely black to a sliver with green outside the pupil. Never try to face these creatures without a plan of action. Odds are they have already put theirs into effect before you take your first step.

Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Vibray

Look to the sky as lighting strikes and thunder crashes. In between flashes you might just see a Vibray. A species of dragon that can manipulate lightning; these creatures are feared upon the battlefield. The bottom half of these dragons buzz, crack, and pop from the electricity that replaces its lower appendages and tail. This prove to be better for their alignment of that perfect shot. To help them focus, they fold their wings around their heads like a hood. Zigzag patterns of yellow and blue decorate their thin metallic-like scales. From their backs, spikes arise that are used to absorb the electricity in the air. Their home is found in the great tower of Relampago found in the the ocean of Moana. Constant storms surround this place as lightning strikes over and over at the titanic building made of silver, copper, gold, and aluminum. This electricity is used to power the entirety of their civilization.

Unlike most dragons, they prefer to strike from a distance. A common attack method for this species is to form a bow of lightning and shoot bolts with scary accuracy. Don’t think hiding from this dragon will work either. It can see the electrical pulses of a creatures nervous system even through a storm, which is not uncommon. Much like the Kikorangi, a storm appears once this creatures decides to go all out. Another word of caution is to not underestimate this creature. Although they prefer to fight at a distance, this does not mean they are inadequate at fighting in close combat. A single touch from this dragon could kill a man from the electricity that runs through its veins. This is impart to the trace amounts of mercury found in their blood that naturally lets electricity flow. Make sure you take the necessary precautions before even thinking of battling this foe.

Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Kikorangi

Deep below the great ocean of Moana dwell the Kikorangi. These creatures have fish-like scales, webbed hands and feet, gills, webbed spikes along their spines, dorsal fins, and tail fins to make them quickest being in the water. No other creature can swim faster than a Kikorangi, even though many will try. Out of the water, they are able to still breathe the air around them and use the wings that they keep folded against their body to fly. A spurt of water from these dragons’ mouths can rip the very skin away from any creature. Their powers can even cause storms that can turn the ocean into a roaring monster; devouring all that dare approach it. It is common for this dragon to be surrounded by rain while on land. If so, watch out for any droplets. With a flick of their wrist, those harmless drops can feel like a barrage of rubber bullets.

Confusing Concepts

Confusing Concepts: Dragon Bodies

Weird title right? One may be thinking, is he going to talk about puberty and the awkward stages of life? Thankfully I intend on nothing of the sort for not only will it be uncomfortable for you to read, but for me to write. So, what I do mean is about the different body types found in dragons. First is the most common known as the bipedal. These stand on two legs and have arms with claws at their finger tips. Wings decorate their back and a tail extends from their rear. A quadrupedal is much the same except having four legs and no arms. These kinds are massive and are rarely seen in Magitotum these days. At one time, this type of dragon were in charge of each of their individual species.

Much like the quadrupedal except in size is the drake. Drakes have no wings and possess much sharper claws than other breeds, most able to run up mountains. The spines on their back are usually larger than other breeds.  its cry are the most bestial of all breeds, scaring some opponents before it even begins to fight. The next kind, known as the wyvern, has wings instead of front appendages. It is common for this breed to have beaks instead of reptile-like jaws. Wyverns also have a unique cry much like the drake. If you hear a sound much like a bird combined with a reptile, look to the sky for an attack from this beast.

Finally, their are the wyrms. These are characterized by their snake-like bodies, allowing for better mobility. There are two variations of this breed; one with wings and the other with four short legs. The first is far more common than the latter and proves to be a challenge in combat. A single whip from its tail could kill a man from its blow. As one can see, there are varieties even within the diverse species of dragon. It just goes to show that one should not generalize creatures of the same species of being the exact same.

Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Matahari

Upon an island surrounded by volcanoes and known as Kebakaran live the beings who wield the hottest fire in all of Magitotum, the fearsome Matahari. A challenge to face in combat, their powers range from fire breath, fire enforcement, heat resistance, infrared vision, incredible strength, flight, and the more experience can even move lava. To top it all off, they are heavily guarded by the thick red scales that decorate their hide. Their look is much like the idea of a traditional dragon; great wings upon their backs and claws that can cut through rock. Most have horns upon their heads and spikes down their backs and out their tales. When in battle, it is common for the Matahari to stand on their two feet with a sword in hand alight with fire. Their swordsmanship can even give the Knights of the Round Table a challenge. Their fiery assaults are too much for many to handle but do not let that deceive you. They have a high code of honor that they follow to the letter. Respect must be earned by battle and nothing less, except if one is a child, a woman with child, injured, or elderly. Be sure to show the proper respect when meeting these creatures.

Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Armorph

The Armorph have the unique ability to transform parts of their bodies into weapons. They were developed by experiments that Jiqeeran and Chenfa dragons performed together. They took one of the Chenfa and tried to see if it could mimic other objects other than itself. While attempting and not really succeeding, one of the guns being used was fired off by accident and hit the machine they were using. A blast of purple energy shot out and morphed the weapons into several of the Chenfa dragons. Their appearances changed from their single colored skin like scales to purple bat-like skin. Their arms had morphed into swords without them thinking about it. The wings on their back grew twice in length and had sharp metallic edges to each bat-like wing. Down their back formed curved spines like claws that went down to their now elongated tail which had a mace head at the end of it. They found out that they could morph their bodies into weapons and went to go show their clan in the land of Yin Ben. The Chenfa were horrified by the weaponized creatures that came home to them. Not knowing what these dragons would do, they banished them from their land. The new weaponized creatures left saddened and angered to the land of Contritus. There they found comrades with the goblins who welcomed them with open arms. Ever since that day, they have called themselves Armorph and have stayed loyal friends to the goblin race. Their home lies in a series of caves made by the Gremlins underneath Bello Cap. They are always at the call for the goblins and will protect their allies at any cost.

Exploring New Lands

Exploring New Lands: Conflictus

As the name clues one in, it is a land found in a constant state of conflict. From the very beginning of Magitotum, its sun burnt plains have been littered with war machines and burial sites. Thus the creatures found within this land are experts in the art of war. Leading them are the goblins, who have sat as the ruling class to guide the land. With their wisdom and compassion, they incited the Armorph (dragons that can transform any part of their body into a weapon) to live among them in the capital known as Bello Cap. The houses and shops are made of brown stones for the walls and had teal slated roofs. One would notice that this place had still not recovered from a past war; evident by buildings that still have burns, singes, and are smashed in every conceivable way of damage. Most of the shops have since been closed and lie close to what appears to be the old local market. The stands have been tipped over and the fruit had fallen on the ground, rotting with flies pouring out of them. Looking above the town is a castle; that at one time had five towers of teal standing tall. Now all but one have fallen; most of which have slid down the hillside and into the town, crushing several other buildings in the process. It looks like the keeps have been stationed on each corner of the walled fortress. At a set of bronze doors, the only standing barbican towered over them with a cannon situated on the top. Inside the walls is a dome with a bronze top. The town sits in front of the beach that opens into a bay which have several small wooden docks built on it. The sand is surprisingly well kept other than the few bits of scrap metal and wood, probably damage caused from the same battle that hit the rest of the town. A far-off cliff exhibits more of the past scars with the rocks broken off, leaving columns of white rock standing in front of a cove under the castle.

To the South lies the fishing village of the trolls. Built entirely from stones pulled from the ocean floor, it has stood strong through many attacks. Simple looking at best, bridges connect village that sits upon the many mini islands that make of the town. Huts and small houses make the main part of the area. Only a few buildings stand taller than them, including a lighthouse, the banquet hall, and the occasional watchtower. It is common to see trolls sitting about with their lines in the water and eating the raw fish that they have caught. Though now the trolls have long been banished from their home by the sorceress Delsey for not following her.

To the East of the fishing village lies the caves of the Gremlins. These tiny impish creatures have made a series of catacombs out in the desert; all them pieced together with metal and mechanical creations. Over years of combat and scavenging, the Gremlins have learned the art of the machine. So much so that their inventions have the ability to rival the Jiqeeran and Lone Star’s men. Still, it seems no one has an interest in this race of genius.

Heading back to Bello Cap and to the Northeast is the city of Suregarde. A huge stone-walled city it has long been protected by the gargoyles that call it home. Eight towers in each direction of the compass are embedded in the ramparts. Only one gate leads into the city and that is being guarded by rather large gargoyles who are scary in appearance alone. If the guards bow then they will let you through the front gate. Hustling and bustling groups of goblins, humans, and gargoyles fill the cobblestone roads of the busy city. Houses of stone are tightly clustered together with slanted and flat rooftops. What is more interesting are the spires that are spread throughout the city. They are the tallest structures in the entire area where water flows down their tops in constant waterfalls. From there, it pools around in a moat like fashion before a pipe will bring the water back to the top. At least one gargoyle are perched on each of these, some encased in stone while falling asleep at their post. Once enough birds perch on them, they will awaken; scattering the feathered creatures into the sky. After weaving through streets and alleyways, one comes to a titanic building. It is easily the largest and most likely the tallest structure in the entire city. On the front end of the building ascending several long steps, are two squared limestone towers that roar with the sound of waterfalls that pour from each of their windows. They act much like the spires one had seen earlier but in a grander fashion. In between these giants is a rounded watchtower with a lookout stationed on top. Along the long roof are pools of water that reflects shimmering colors from the sun above. Rainbows can be seen if they are to stand at just the right position from the mists that arose. The back of the building has two more of the large towers with a spire on top of each. Ledges align the sides pouring water from the spout above it. Entering the building through two large wooden doors and past two guards would bring one inside the great Hall of Garacur. The inside is spacious, and every step echoes through the chamber. Spouts pour water into several pools where several gargoyles are found soaking. Down a middle aisle one can precede to an elevated platform where a large table is set. On top of a red table cloth with a golden embroidery, is laid out a map of Conflictus and Mendaxum.

A village half-hazard made with wooden planks, stone, and animal skins to the East of Suregarde keeps the gargoyles on their watch. Here the barbaric race known as the ogre lives. They are not builders by far, only knowing blood shed and chaos, thus why their homes look similar. It is not uncommon for a house to fall in at least once a day in their village. If you see these shaky structures, stay away unless you want to be crushed by the awful workmanship or possibly eaten by the monsters that dwell within it.