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The time has arrived. My book is now published and ready for purchase. I can confirm the print version looks awesome as well for those who saw the last post. So please feel free to purchase both. You’ll find both versions of the first book of the Scales series on Barnes and Nobles website. Links will be put below. The print version is $25 before shipping, though you can avoid the shipping fee if you purchase $40 dollars worth of merchandise. However, if you like a less expensive option and have the right app, the ebook is only $1. Thank you so much for all your support.

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Exciting news everyone! My book is finally up for preorder, both in digital and print versions. However, I’d wait on the latter one since I haven’t gotten my copy yet. You know just to make sure it looks correct and all. But yeah, going to put the link at the end of this post for it. It is on sale at Barnes and Nobles: Digital Version/Nook: $1 US Dollars
Print Version: $25 US Dollars

I thank you for supporting me all this time and hope you continue to by purchasing a copy of my book.

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Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Yilong

Eerie how shadows can seem to crawl toward one and follow one’s every move; never leaving their side. Constantly, they watch as those in the light walk about ever so freely. Caution is advised if you find one acting strangely, one of two beings you could have on your hand. This time around we will talk about the option of it being the dragon species known as the Yilong. These creatures have the ability to make shadows move at their will; sometimes forming solid constructs or simply melting into the darkness. They are extremely crafty, able to plan several steps ahead of time while favoring surprise attacks. Usually, these dragons are hired for assassinations by other lands; rarely getting into larger conflicts except for warring with their human ninja neighbors in the land of Ying. The reason being not of land division, but a rivalry of gaining contracts for assassination targets.

In appearance, these dragons unlike others have a beak-like mouth and are smaller in size. This proving an advantage as it helps them to move about quicker and with more acrobatic ability. Their smaller wings are more meant for gliding from roof top to roof top than anything else; depending on their quick feet or hitching a ride in a stranger’s shadow. Found along their body are thin black scales that help camouflage them into the darkness except for a band-like gray pattern found around the eyes to the back of the head. Down their spine you will find no spikes, only a smooth back to their short tail that they use to heighten their jumps. Their eyes adjust to light from having them be completely black to a sliver with green outside the pupil. Never try to face these creatures without a plan of action. Odds are they have already put theirs into effect before you take your first step.

Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Vibray

Look to the sky as lighting strikes and thunder crashes. In between flashes you might just see a Vibray. A species of dragon that can manipulate lightning; these creatures are feared upon the battlefield. The bottom half of these dragons buzz, crack, and pop from the electricity that replaces its lower appendages and tail. This prove to be better for their alignment of that perfect shot. To help them focus, they fold their wings around their heads like a hood. Zigzag patterns of yellow and blue decorate their thin metallic-like scales. From their backs, spikes arise that are used to absorb the electricity in the air. Their home is found in the great tower of Relampago found in the the ocean of Moana. Constant storms surround this place as lightning strikes over and over at the titanic building made of silver, copper, gold, and aluminum. This electricity is used to power the entirety of their civilization.

Unlike most dragons, they prefer to strike from a distance. A common attack method for this species is to form a bow of lightning and shoot bolts with scary accuracy. Don’t think hiding from this dragon will work either. It can see the electrical pulses of a creatures nervous system even through a storm, which is not uncommon. Much like the Kikorangi, a storm appears once this creatures decides to go all out. Another word of caution is to not underestimate this creature. Although they prefer to fight at a distance, this does not mean they are inadequate at fighting in close combat. A single touch from this dragon could kill a man from the electricity that runs through its veins. This is impart to the trace amounts of mercury found in their blood that naturally lets electricity flow. Make sure you take the necessary precautions before even thinking of battling this foe.

Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Kikorangi

Deep below the great ocean of Moana dwell the Kikorangi. These creatures have fish-like scales, webbed hands and feet, gills, webbed spikes along their spines, dorsal fins, and tail fins to make them quickest being in the water. No other creature can swim faster than a Kikorangi, even though many will try. Out of the water, they are able to still breathe the air around them and use the wings that they keep folded against their body to fly. A spurt of water from these dragons’ mouths can rip the very skin away from any creature. Their powers can even cause storms that can turn the ocean into a roaring monster; devouring all that dare approach it. It is common for this dragon to be surrounded by rain while on land. If so, watch out for any droplets. With a flick of their wrist, those harmless drops can feel like a barrage of rubber bullets.