Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Matahari

Upon an island surrounded by volcanoes and known as Kebakaran live the beings who wield the hottest fire in all of Magitotum, the fearsome Matahari. A challenge to face in combat, their powers range from fire breath, fire enforcement, heat resistance, infrared vision, incredible strength, flight, and the more experience can even move lava. To top it all off, they are heavily guarded by the thick red scales that decorate their hide. Their look is much like the idea of a traditional dragon; great wings upon their backs and claws that can cut through rock. Most have horns upon their heads and spikes down their backs and out their tales. When in battle, it is common for the Matahari to stand on their two feet with a sword in hand alight with fire. Their swordsmanship can even give the Knights of the Round Table a challenge. Their fiery assaults are too much for many to handle but do not let that deceive you. They have a high code of honor that they follow to the letter. Respect must be earned by battle and nothing less, except if one is a child, a woman with child, injured, or elderly. Be sure to show the proper respect when meeting these creatures.

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