Confusing Concepts

Confusing Concepts: Energy Formations

Whether it be Metaphysical, Elemental, or any of the other energies; there are different ways to use them. Animation, enforcement, construct, bombardment, modification, and army assembly are the established forms found in Magitotum. The animation form is defined by bringing the specific energy to life. An example of this would be creating creatures from fire. Each has its own mind and follows the command of the caster. They are around as long as the user can muster the energy for them. In a similar way, construct allows the user to mold their force into a non-animate object. Dark elves are an example of this by using their aura to make spears that they use for hunting. They are also known to use another form known as enforcement. This allows the user to coat their body into their energy and boost their own strength. Imagine an elf coming at you with a dark purple aura pulsating off their body; breaking through tree after tree to get his prey. Makes one quiver am I correct? Anyways, next is another overwhelming form, bombardment. As the name suggests, it is a form where the user launches large attacks of its energy, showing off its specific strength. Only the most powerful of users can do this trick for it requires a ton of one’s will to use. Such an example comes from the Omni Xerxes. who has been known to be able to summon a lake full of water to drown his enemies or summon a lightning storm that strikes down legions of foes. Modification takes a little more focus then the rest for it requires the user to bend their force around an object. Most common of weapons to do this with is a sword; which is seen through a number of examples such as the Matahari and the Knights of the Round Table. The final form was created by Xerxes’ younger brother Soliment. His form consisting on making himself a one man army by duplicating himself while still remaining a single consciousness. Meaning that he could just think where to attack and his army could swarm the area without a command. It is difficult to counter without knowing what the enemy is planning. Still there are even more ways one can use the energy around them, but for general purpose almost all fall underneath these forms. Which way would you fight if given the ability?

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