Confusing Concepts

Confusing Concepts: Dragon Bodies

Weird title right? One may be thinking, is he going to talk about puberty and the awkward stages of life? Thankfully I intend on nothing of the sort for not only will it be uncomfortable for you to read, but for me to write. So, what I do mean is about the different body types found in dragons. First is the most common known as the bipedal. These stand on two legs and have arms with claws at their finger tips. Wings decorate their back and a tail extends from their rear. A quadrupedal is much the same except having four legs and no arms. These kinds are massive and are rarely seen in Magitotum these days. At one time, this type of dragon were in charge of each of their individual species.

Much like the quadrupedal except in size is the drake. Drakes have no wings and possess much sharper claws than other breeds, most able to run up mountains. The spines on their back are usually larger than other breeds.  its cry are the most bestial of all breeds, scaring some opponents before it even begins to fight. The next kind, known as the wyvern, has wings instead of front appendages. It is common for this breed to have beaks instead of reptile-like jaws. Wyverns also have a unique cry much like the drake. If you hear a sound much like a bird combined with a reptile, look to the sky for an attack from this beast.

Finally, their are the wyrms. These are characterized by their snake-like bodies, allowing for better mobility. There are two variations of this breed; one with wings and the other with four short legs. The first is far more common than the latter and proves to be a challenge in combat. A single whip from its tail could kill a man from its blow. As one can see, there are varieties even within the diverse species of dragon. It just goes to show that one should not generalize creatures of the same species of being the exact same.

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