Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Vibray

Look to the sky as lighting strikes and thunder crashes. In between flashes you might just see a Vibray. A species of dragon that can manipulate lightning; these creatures are feared upon the battlefield. The bottom half of these dragons buzz, crack, and pop from the electricity that replaces its lower appendages and tail. This prove to be better for their alignment of that perfect shot. To help them focus, they fold their wings around their heads like a hood. Zigzag patterns of yellow and blue decorate their thin metallic-like scales. From their backs, spikes arise that are used to absorb the electricity in the air. Their home is found in the great tower of Relampago found in the the ocean of Moana. Constant storms surround this place as lightning strikes over and over at the titanic building made of silver, copper, gold, and aluminum. This electricity is used to power the entirety of their civilization.

Unlike most dragons, they prefer to strike from a distance. A common attack method for this species is to form a bow of lightning and shoot bolts with scary accuracy. Don’t think hiding from this dragon will work either. It can see the electrical pulses of a creatures nervous system even through a storm, which is not uncommon. Much like the Kikorangi, a storm appears once this creatures decides to go all out. Another word of caution is to not underestimate this creature. Although they prefer to fight at a distance, this does not mean they are inadequate at fighting in close combat. A single touch from this dragon could kill a man from the electricity that runs through its veins. This is impart to the trace amounts of mercury found in their blood that naturally lets electricity flow. Make sure you take the necessary precautions before even thinking of battling this foe.

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