Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Kikorangi

Deep below the great ocean of Moana dwell the Kikorangi. These creatures have fish-like scales, webbed hands and feet, gills, webbed spikes along their spines, dorsal fins, and tail fins to make them quickest being in the water. No other creature can swim faster than a Kikorangi, even though many will try. Out of the water, they are able to still breathe the air around them and use the wings that they keep folded against their body to fly. A spurt of water from these dragons’ mouths can rip the very skin away from any creature. Their powers can even cause storms that can turn the ocean into a roaring monster; devouring all that dare approach it. It is common for this dragon to be surrounded by rain while on land. If so, watch out for any droplets. With a flick of their wrist, those harmless drops can feel like a barrage of rubber bullets.

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