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About the Author: Quest for Qualifying Queries

Hello again my friends. My apologies for the recent thread of no posts this week. This is entirely my fault since I have been focusing on sending as many query letters as I can manage between shifts at work. Now for those of you who do not know what a query letter is, I shall explain. Basically, it is a cover letter that is specifically addressed to a literary agent. To explain further, in this short one page letter you are trying to prove/ show off why this agent should be interested in your book. It is important that they feel a connection to your story to invigorate them to really sell your tale. Now, how does one capture and retain the attention of one of these individuals? See I have no idea. My personality lends itself to not really be the boastful type, making this sort of thing not up my alley.

In my personal view, one must test the merit of a writer by his work. Most agents, I feel, would agree with this statement, but that would mean the poor individuals would be reading at least five hundred books a month. I don’t even think I could reach fifty books in a month if I had nothing else to stop me. To help them manage this massive task, they limit the amount they first have to read to the first three chapters of said books or the first ten pages. Fair enough, one needs to get a feel whether or not one will connect to the story from the very beginning. For the most part, I sincerely feel like this system does truly work for most novels. However, I do not think this works for those of us that write in the way of worldbuilding. Not only in the first three chapters do we have to introduce the characters that one will fall in love with, but a world in which one will get lost in its wonder. This leads me to also notice a trend among agents. One will find, at least from what I have seen, not many that represent fantasy or science fiction; both of which usually involve a fair bit of worldbuilding. Makes one wonder how to find that one agent that will be your partner to success.

Finding an agent is a daunting task and a journey that every writer must take; knowing that the quest, unlike our own tales, is not in our hands. We have to learn to trust someone else to judge in a quick glance whether or not to represent us; being ready to take several rejections for not being quite the right fit. But fear not my friends, most of these agents are very kind. From the rejections I have personally gotten, they encourage me to keep trying and can definitely see that my story will be published. Words of encouragement that I think every writer would be elated to hear. So give it your all as you continue to chase your dream. To all those agents that look letter after letter, I say to you thank you. The entirety of your job is to give us the opportunity to live out our dream, share our tales, slide in some lessons, and connect with people when sometimes we find to be hermits. Without some of you, the stories we grew up with and inspired by would not exist. Continue doing what you do and hopefully I will be a partner with one of you very soon.

Never stop trying to achieve your dream, for why wish them in the first place?

KC J. Hutchins

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About the Author: Illustrations

Exciting news everyone, going to add my own personal illustrations to my previous posts and new ones. I warn you now that I am no artist, but I have been known to be a dandy doodler. Hopefully, you will all enjoy the new flare that comes to the older posts while it encourages my newer readers to look at all of my material. My goal is to accommodate this new aspect to my fresh posts as well, excluding this one. Please continue enjoying my work and supporting me through this cite. I am starting to get more and more attention from literary interests which may mean I have good news for you all soon.

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About the Author: Actually About the Author

A realization stuck me that all my about the author posts have not really talked about myself. So, let’s just talk about the basics; of course as you read I am a writer with a vivid imagination. The world of Magitotum started as a game I played with my brother, cousin, and a childhood friend. Over the years it evolved through my habit of journaling, filling up five of them with various ideas and concepts. Now not everything within these pages retains to the world of Magitotum. There are various ideas for businesses, epic retellings, food recipes, plays, musicals, sketches, my future house design, and array of others ideas that scurry around in my head. Hopefully one day you will see all of these brought to life.

In my free time I enjoy writing (such a shocker), playing video games, spending time with my fiancée, geocaching, watching movies, and playing board games with friends and family. It is important, in my humble opinion, to be a well rounded individual. I enjoy challenging both my mind and my body and encourage you to do the same. Relaxing while reading blogs is fantastic (see what I did there?), but remember to enjoy the great outdoors. Smell the fresh scent of the pines, laugh at the antics of chipmunks, feel the sand between your toes, delight in the taste of fresh picked berries, and listen to nature that surrounds you; from the rustling leaves to the crashing of waves. Even more important is to share these moments with loved ones and friends. There is no greater treasure in this world than spending time with others whom you love, at least that is what I believe.

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About the Author: Avoiding Spoilers

I know I know another About the Author post so soon but I had to put this up to explain myself. You might be asking yourself why I am avoiding telling you about other creatures and places I have mentioned such as the Jiqeeran. There is a simple reason for this; that being I wish not to spoil future books. As of now, all my posts retain to information found in the first book of my Scales series, Scars and Scales, while avoiding spoiling any plot lines. If I start talking about species and places we dive into in the other books; there is a distinct possibility of spoiling some surprises. I want to see/hear you enjoy the books that will be in your hands some day. So please be patient as I add some new content by adding a new category known as Item Inquiry. In this new division, we will be taking a look at specific tools that Xerxes and his company find/use on their journey.

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About the Author: Scheduling

Well, this post is not so much about myself but more of a logistic thing for the site. I have noticed that most people are looking at my blog Monday through Friday, while the weekends I have very few views if any. So, to let my followers know, I will be posting Monday through Friday and not be doing further posts on the weekend. That way I can work on creating new  content, focus on my books, and have more time get my books into your hands. Let me know below if this seems unreasonable or if the weekend is the only time you go on. Thanks so much for all your support. It really does make all the difference and has caught the eye of a few people that might just make my dream come true.

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I am so very sorry to my followers for not posting in the past week. The location I was vacationing was supposed to have wifi, but it ended up breaking. So, let me just say that you will be seeing a post tomorrow about the lands of Magitotum. Ironic how one gets tired from vacation after vacation, right? Anyways, I hope that your week has gone well and that you have explored some of prior posts to fill the void of new tales of wonder. A sneak peek for the post for tomorrow is about the race known as the gargoyle.

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My apologies ahead of time that this is one of those author posts and shameless promotional propaganda, but it cannot be helped. First, a huge shout out to everyone who has become a follower on my cite; we are up to eighteen. Your support means a lot and gives me the confidence to dig my heels in the dirt and go for it. Also, I want to thank anyone who has liked any of my posts thus far. Glimmers of hope that fuel the light of a new day.

Now, to help further the development of a supporters, I encourage you to share my post with your friends and people who you think might be interested in this tale. If you have liked several of my posts and have yet to look at the one labeled, Scars and Scales (which can be found under the sample menu), I encourage you to read it. This is the first three chapters of my unpublished book that will further help you delve into the lands in Magitotum. Again, I want to stress how much you all have done for me already, and I hope that you help continue to support me.

Was that it? Is the shameless promotion over? Yes, indeed it is. So the last thing I wanted to cover is a little news of how I am still sticking through til the end for this dream. The last couple of days I had started to feel my self drift into the void of doubt and misery; the constantly tossing and turning of this will never happen and maybe I should try something else. One night of loss sleep later and I still cannot think of anything else I want to do with my life. It brings me joy to write about even the most simple of stories, a sense of finding who I am supposed to be. My trip across the valley of woe has made me realize that even if I get rejections over and over again, all it will do is make my stance even stronger. Make me fight for it so that in the end, it feels all the sweeter that my hard work is paid off. Let this be a lesson for you also. If someone says that you can’t do something, look them in the eye and tell them, “Watch me”. The only limits to one’s abilities are the ones you put on yourself.